Please find the comments from people like you, who have experienced the benefits of Reflexology from Reflexions for Good Health.  These people are both new to Reflexology or have experienced the benefits of Reflexology for many years.  I appreciate the comments from the following clients.

Client Comments:
I’ve known Dave for just over a year and I’ve been a client of his since July 2011.  Dave has a very professional manner combined with a subtle sense of humour that will put any client at ease.
My first visit, we discussed any health concerns I had.  As my treatment began, he explained each pressure point and what it it would affect.  As my treatments progressed, there has been a great improvement/healing in my original concerns.
I’ve had a muscle knot in my right shoulder for years from working with computers.  Within a few sessions with Dave, my problem area has felt relief.  I’ve also found that my digestive system has improved to a point where I no longer have to take an ant-acid tablet.
I was going once/week and now go every other week.  Eventually, I will go monthly to maintain my health.  I have also had blood clot issues in the past from long flights and to ensure my circulatory system stays healthy for the next time I travel, for me, reflexology is the way to go!
I would not hesitate to recommend Dave to anyone who is experiencing headaches, back issues, digestive issues etc…. if you have discomfort or experiencing stress in your body, you need to call Dave!  It’s a healthy choice!
Jill Haines
Owen Sound. Ontario